Why do you need an SEO company in Toronto?

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Everyday, new business come up in all sectors all around the world, especially in Toronto and their main aim is to ensure that they are heard and noticed, which is why they work really hard to stay on top of their game by hiring an SEO company in Toronto.

Most search engines make several changes in their search algorithms every passing year, which can directly affect the ranking of a company, which is why it is of utmost importance to have an SEO company in Toronto to ensure that your position remains unchanged, irrespective of the changing algorithms.

seo company in toronto

Barring this, there are certain SEO trends which one can try to keep up with, or hope that their SEO company in Toronto will keep up with, so as to stay on top their game – always!

Some of the key SEO trends are as follows –

  • The voice search option is fast gaining recognition, whereby people search through how they speak. Since voice searches are slowly becoming a thing, people too are beginning to get a hang of it and typing in their commands exactly the way they speak.
  • Certain featured snippets continue to dominate all search results. The simplest way to explain a featured snippet is to understand that it is basically a summary to an answer to a search query. This is usually displayed by Google right on top of the SERP search results, before all the featured and paid ads.
  • There are growing numbers of marketers who leverage influencers for SEO. Most businesses spend a large chunk of their expenses of their marketing budget on influencers. An influencer works to ensure that positive traffic is generated on your site and customers find interest in your site, thanks to the authenticity of it, and aren’t unnecessarily bombarded with random ads.
  • BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is what allows anyone and everyone to train and create their own question answering system. BERT makes an impact on every one out of ten queries. An SEO company Toronto will work to ensure that BERT has maximum impact on every conversational queries with regards to prepositions such as ‘to’ and ‘for’ in the meaning of the query.


seo company in toronto


  • People prefer a digital experience nowadays, which is why most companies are slowly going digital, as it has also lead to a major growth spurt in revenues. Also, going digital ensures that you have a long lasting customer relationship built and also ensures that customers are able to interact freely and directly with your business.
  • Videos are slowly gaining acceptance and importance making the frontliner with regards to content. Having embeded videos on your website will ensure that you garner better traffic and will also help to improve search results of your website.
  • The length of your content will ensure how well your website will end up performing in search results. On an average, having your content in at 2,000 words would be enough to feature on top of search results.