iLobby App – What’s It All About?

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The iLobby App was developed for the purpose of optimizing staffing requirements across multiple hospitality environments, including hotels, motels, bed & breakfast establishments, resorts, and vacation rentals. iLobby is a mobile, web-based app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices that integrate with a wide range of scheduling, appointment reminders, online reservation systems, and other real-time features for reservations, cancelling, and tracking of appointments and parties. iLobby also offers additional scheduling features for travel, meetings, vacations and much more. This online, web-based app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones connects guests to the information and services they need when it is most convenient for them. Whether it’s saving time during your daily rounds or streamlining your guest management, iLobby app does everything you need to ensure your business is on top of guest needs and stays in the green. All through one simple application, your guests can get all of their needs met, in one seamless experience.


iLobby uses the powerful combination of guest scheduling, party reservations, party flow and guest sign-in management features of the iLobby App to make managing all of your guests a breeze. iLobby gives you the ability to instantly manage your guest lists, party reservations and sign-ins. No matter if you are running a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, vacation rental or restaurant, you can have your iLobby app customize a sign-in page for each individual hotel room or group of rooms. Simply set up a sign-in page for every room, have your guest login with their favourite social networking site and select a convenient time and day when they can log in and choose their appointment reminders from your personalized calendar. If you are running multiple properties, iLobby can even be integrated with your property management system so your properties can be managed from a single screen.

The guest schedule feature of iLobby app makes it simple and easy to keep track of appointments and view their schedules online at any time of day. iLobby has a customized front door sign-in page for every hotel room in the system so that your front desk can easily identify each hotel guest. Your front desk can also use the custom calendar on your iLobby app for guest direction and RSVP confirmation. If a guest does not RSVP, you can quickly view their profile and determine if they are planning to visit your hotel again or if they are just on transit.


Another way that iLobby can help you is through its automated visitor management system. iLobby’s Visitor Management System (VMS) is designed to streamline the process of managing your hotel guests. iLobby VMS automatically creates custom invitations for your guests and eliminates the need for in-house receptionists or hiring outside employees. You also have the authority to set preferences for when visitors are allowed to enter your property. This includes whether or not they can stay for an additional 30 minutes and how many they can visit at one time. iLobby VMS has the power to completely automate your guest handling process which is a huge time saver for hotels everywhere.

You can also set preferences for what type of visitors you would like to receive on your iLobby app, whether they are welcome guests or routine clients. Based on these preferences, you can set restrictions on when these visitors can come in so that you don’t fill up your hotel rooms with people you do not want there. You can also use iLobby’s automatic sign-in and sign-out services as a guest management software solution. iLobby app operators may be able to customize sign-ins and sign-outs for each room or for the whole facility depending on the specific needs of their hotel.

iLobby is, without a doubt, the best hotel guest management software solution available today. In order to get one, you must pay a token, but you get so much more than that. iLobby app gives you 100 million access points globally. That means that any site linked to your iLobby account has the potential to bring in 100 million visitors. If that doesn’t send you into a frenzy of activity, nothing will.